DRIVE™ : Brothers in Arms to support small molecule drug discovery from Hit to IND

11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. EDT
Fabrice Viviani, Ph.D , Senior Executive VP, Head of Oncodesign Service Business Unit, Oncodesign and director of at the François Hyafil research center , Fabrice Viviani holds a PhD in organic chemistry and an MA in biology from Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University (UPMC). He started his career as a biologist and was responsible for research project and clinical teams in infectiology, before turning his attention to oncology research at Aventis’ oncology therapy department. He was then appointed Sanofi-Aventis’ Vice President for R&D, having managed several departments (medicinal chemistry and biology for exploratory research and internal medicine, early-to-candidate DPU). At GSK he took charge of the discovery biology group at the François Hyafil research center. To date, he has been involved in discovering and developing over 20 preclinical and clinical drug candidates. Since January 2020, Fabrice is overseeing and leading all the services activities of Oncodesign Service Business unit. , Christophe Parsy, Ph.D , MBA, Head of Medicinal Chemistry, Oncodesign Service Business Unit and Senior Leader Integrated Drug Discovery Services , Christophe has acquired a broad knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry by working in various R&D environments from Research Services Provider to Biotech and large Pharma. Over the past 20 years, he has lead major drug discovery projects from Hit to IND in Anti-infective (HIV, HCV) and Oncology. These resulted in clinical candidates IDX320, Samatasvir and Uprifosbuvir. He has a proven ability to lead and deliver clinical candidates in a cross-functional and multi-cultural environment with a track record of delivering high quality candidate in a fast-paced environment. Proactive leadership with a high degree of priority setting, he recently completed is training by obtaining an Executive MBA with specialization in Lean 6 Sigma, Strategy and Leadership. Christophe is author and co-inventor of 30 + patents and peer review publications. , Barry A. Morgan, PH.D , CSO HitGen , Barry Morgan has broad experience in drug discovery and development. He is Professor and Director of Discovery in the Center for Drug Discovery at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston Texas, and has 40 years of experience in drug discovery and development in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries in the United Kingdom, France and the USA. He was Vice President, Molecular Discovery, and Site Head at GSK, Boston 2007-2012. He was previously Senior Vice President for Chemistry and Discovery Sciences at Praecis Pharmaceuticals Inc., where he was a primary inventor of DNA Encoded Library Technology. PRAECIS was acquired by GSK in February 2007. inventor of DNA Encoded Library Technology. PRAECIS was acquired by GSK in February 2007. , Yann Gaston-Mathe, MSc , Founder and CEO Iktos , Yann Gaston-Mathe is a senior Life Science professional with extensive experience in Pharma R&D and in Data Analytics for Life Science and Healthcare. Yann is the co-founder and CEO of Iktos, a start-up company specializing in artificial intelligence technology for chemical optimization in drug discovery, and he is also engaged in start-up projects in oncology. , Thomas Schubert, Ph.D , CEO 2bind GmbH , Dr. Thomas Schubert received his PhD in Biochemistry in the area of Epigenetics from the University of Regensburg; Germany. In 2012, Thomas joined 2bind and became CEO in 2013. Dr. Schubert holds a degree in economy/commerce (Betriebswirt IWW). , Laura Sailor , President Icaria Life Sciences , Icaria cares! Laura Sailor, a serial entrepreneur, builds teams to innovate and deepen expertise in structure based drug design. Icaria’s “the structure people” have deep institutional knowledge of “the undruggable”protein targets and most comprehensive suite of Instrumentation for protein production, structural biology, biophysics To support early stage hit- finding programs. ,

Webinar Description:

Outsourcing drug discovery has become an overwhelmingly accepted approaches across the pharmaceutical industry from virtual biotech to large pharmaceutical companies as part of the globalization process. It does represent a cost-effective opportunity to access specialized technologies and expert scientist resources having a broad knowledge of pharmaceutical drug discovery development. Oncodesign’s objective with DRIVE™ offer is to provide its customers with the best possible options and state-of-the-art technologies to progress their drug discovery in the shortest possible time with the highest quality. Oncodesign is doing so by setting up under a single leadership, privileged partnering with selected and trusted companies sharing the same values of innovation and quality as its own. Hits finding and validation are important phases in early drug discovery. With DRIVE™ Program, Oncodesign is providing DNA encoded libraries, fragments screening along with Hit validation using NanoDSF, MST, SPR, ITC and Structural Biology (Cryo-EM and X-Ray crystallography) supported by artificial intelligence.

Learning Objectives:

Introduction to a solution provider from hits finding to IND filling
Advantages of Drug discovery integrated provider vs silos approach
Special focus on Hits identification and validation across DNA encoded libraries, Artificial Intelligence, Biophsysics and Biostructures