Privacy Policy

Why We Gather Information

Biocom’s goals in gathering personally identifiable information are centered on providing efficient and outstanding customer service. The information that you submit to Biocom will be stored and used for your benefit each time you visit the site. For instance, once you have created a profile, that information will be used every time you login to the site. You will be able to visit certain areas of the site and order materials in a quick and efficient manner that would otherwise take a much longer time. We also gather information that is non-personally identifiable. Examples of this kind of information would include information submitted through our polls and surveys. Biocom uses this information to analyze the use and interest in this site. This information will be eventually used to enhance and improve this site making it more appealing and user-friendly. The following lists how we gather information and how that specific information may be used by us to better serve you:

  • Member Registration: We collect personally identifiable information when you register as a member with Biocom. We store this information in a secure database enabling you to efficiently use this site and allowing us to identify you as a registered member. This information will also be used to help you quickly order products and efficiently accomplish whatever business you might be conducting on this site
  • Contact Information: When you contact us through this site we may ask for some personally identifiable information. This information will be used by Biocom to better serve you. We may keep a record of this contact information to help us help you
  • Technical Support: We may ask for certain personally identifiable information when you seek technical support regarding this site. This information will be used to help us identify any problems you may be having with this site and to effectively relieve the issue
  • Online Surveys and Polling: We may collect both personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information through your completion of our online surveys and polls. This information will be used to analyze site content, use and functionality. We will use this information to enhance the site and improve our services
  • Surfing: We may collect certain non-personally identifiable information when you visit and browse through this site. This information will most likely be stored on your computer in the form of a cookie. We will use this information to better evaluate the use of this site and improve site functionality. We may also use cookies on your computer to help store personally identifiable information you have submitted to us through this site

Sharing Information

Biocom  will not sell, trade or rent any personally identifiable information that you submit through this site. However, Biocom  does reserve the right to disclose submitted information to any employee or third party to the extent that such information needs to be disclosed to perform services for Biocom . In general, Biocom  will not disclose to third parties any personally identifiable information submitted through this site unless we are required to do so (1) by law, (2) in order to comply with any criminal investigation or legal processes, and/or (3) in order to protect the rights and property of Biocom , it’s employees or technical equipment used to run this site or its network.