RxGen, Inc.

RxGen, Inc. is a specialty translational research organization developing and providing innovative in vivo disease modeling and related preclinical research and development services to meet the preclinical, translational, and regulatory research needs of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry.  We specialize in the fields of ophthalmology, central nervous system, cardiovascular and metabolic related disease and disorders, and have advanced discovery and development programs for a wide range of sponsors, collaborators and partners around the world, ranging from large pharmaceutical companies and venture-backed biotechnology companies to academic teams seeking to apply the most cutting edge research and development strategies in the most efficient and robust manner.  Our unique portfolio of models, combined with focused therapeutic domain expertise results in engagements that generate high value, clinically relevant data that yields definitive, actionable study outcomes.  Please visit us at www.rx-gen.com to learn more.


Dustin Wakeman, PhD Senior Research Scientist Phone: 203.498.9706
Christopher Stanley Chief Business Officer & Co-Founder Phone: 203.498.9706
4 Science Park New Haven, CT 06511 USA