Norson Med Inc.

Norson Diagnostics Group is specialized in the provision of medical tests and ancillary services, including clinical testing, disease management, reagent production, scientific technology research and development, laboratory construction and maintenance.

In March 2016, Norson began to expand its business. It consists of medical clinical laboratories, health management agencies, independent research and development centers, and laboratory design companies across the entire China. Other subsidiaries under Norson are also actively being prepared and constructed. At the same time, Norson is sincerely seeking for potential research and investment projects worldwide.

Norson comes with strong technology developing and applying capabilities, that are supported by an outstanding laboratory operating and management team. In China, Norson has established “The Strategic Partnership” with University of Science and Technology of China, West China Medical Center – Sichuan University, Dalian University of Technology – Life Sciences Park, Chongqing Medical University, Henan Province Cancer Tumor Detection Engineering Research Center, and many other well-known universities and institutes. Outside of China, Norson also has collaborated with world-wide famous universities such as Stanford University, University of Rochester, and South Florida University to develop new technologies.

Multiple clinical laboratories have been successfully put into operation by Norson, provide pathological diagnosis, cellular molecular genetics, clinical immunity, biochemistry, microbiology, and other tests that include more than 1,000 different subjects vary upon numerous price ranges and clinical focuses. Moreover, major developments have been proudly made by Norson in the fields such as gene detection, fluorescence in-situ hybridization detection, and mass spectrometry detection.

As far as providing technical support, Norson has continuously obtained extraordinary recognition from parties all over the world by providing multi-dimensional technical support and new technology development services to private laboratories, medical product manufacturers, educational entities, and even government agencies.

Based upon the different stages of disease prevention, occurrence, progression, and prognosis, Norson will continue to introduce and develop new technologies and tests to promote multi-testing portfolios, services for accurate diagnosis, general health management, nutrition consultation and etcetera. Norson always aims to, from disease prevention to treatment, provide everyone with a range of quality health services.



Yiding Liu Chief Scientist
Liang Yang President, Norson USA
48511 Warm Springs BLVD STE 214 Fremont, CA 94539