Neuroservices-Alliance is a global CNS Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in translational data for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Our strong college of expert neuroscientists focus on delivering cutting-edge neuro-pharmacological functional endpoints to accelerate CNS and Pain drug discovery programs.

With expertise in Rodent, Dog, Cyno, and Human tissues, we design in vitro and in vivo CNS Electrophysiology and behavioral tests to provide functional data that will facilitate lead selection & optimization, investigation of Mechanism of Action (MOA), and target engagement validation.

We prioritize direct and efficient interactions with clients, offering constant communication with our scientific team. We operate as a remote laboratory, ensuring flexibility in study plans to quickly adapt to project needs. Our core values emphasize the alliance of Human and Science in advancing research.


Raymond Price Chief Business Officer Phone: 858.649.9403
Diane Royer Marketing and Communications Manager Phone: 619.664.2622
Les Jardins de l’entreprise Quartier de la Confrérie Le Puy Sainte Réparade, 13610 France