EZ Labs

EZ Labs, LLC is a concierge analytical organization providing advisory, consulting and laboratory services for pharmaceutical industry for all phases of clinical drug development for small molecules from early pre-IND stage to NDA filing. EZ Labs is set up to partner with the small and medium size pharma companies that are lacking their own analytical capabilities and may have limited internal analytical expertise. Our experienced analytical consultants can greatly improve oversight of the analytical activities at CMOs and decision making, drive the analytical development strategy and preparation of regulatory submissions.  Local clients can especially benefit from easy access to our analytical laboratory right next to their office. We can efficiently develop new analytical methods, evaluate new formulations or packaging, identify impurities and degradation products observed in the product, carry out genotoxic impurity analysis, and troubleshoot and resolve any analytical issue that is outside of the main expertise or focus of the CMOs.


Anna Eidelman Co-Founder Phone: 443-745-4954
Irina Zamansky Co-founder Phone: 858-784-1816
6042 Cornerstone Court West Suite A/B San Diego, CA 92121