Curavit is a “Virtual CRO” that designs and executes decentralized – or “virtual” – clinical trials.  Curavit leverages emerging technologies in digital health, cloud computing, and data science to recruit, engage, and monitor diverse patient populations from wherever they live, work, or study; eliminating the need for physical infrastructure and travel, while increasing data quality.  Curavit brings together the world’s leading researchers, enrolls previously untapped and underserved patient populations, applies machine learning algorithms to health and social engagement information to recruit participants, and leverages leading telehealth, patient data, and medical device technologies.  Curavit’s central virtual site supports remote monitoring and is always audit ready.


Troy Hall Director of Business Development Phone: 503.970.3606
Dave Hanaman President & Chief Commercial Officer Phone: 973.670.0865
965 Norfolk Ave. Park City, UT 84060