Increasing external support in the rise of compound collections

Biotechs are a high-risk industry where we have seen an increase in virtual business models. This allows companies to reach proof-of-concept without deploying large sums for capital equipment and infrastructure costs. At the other end of the biotech spectrum multi-billion dollar, publicly listed, biotech companies have also increased externalization of their sample management activities. Evotec has worked with companies from small startups to big pharma for storage of archive samples, and/or to leverage our expertise in building a screening library. Whilst there are plenty of differentiators between companies interested in outsourcing some, or all of their sample management needs, the absolute requirements of quality, accuracy, and timeliness remain paramount. Evotec provides experienced and knowledgeable compound management personnel and offers access to the state-of-the-art compound handling infrastructure required to meet the challenging timelines of drug discovery today.

Evotec owns a variety of sample management equipment; TECAN, Hamilton, Agilent and Labcyte are in use for liquid handling, with Brooks and TTP for automated storage. This means that services rendered are like an extension of our client’s company, while saving capital, space and stress. Additionally, when companies do invest in on site management they may find that the utilization rate of their equipment may be only <30%. In the area of sample management, outsourcing can be a productive form of cost and resource savings.

With over a decade of being the global leader in sample management, Evotec is uniquely qualified in supporting our client’s library:

  • Coordination with key compound suppliers and collaborators
  • Customized project management
  • High-throughput compound analysis
  • Multi-format plating and reformatting
  • Fast order fulfillment and worldwide delivery
  • Insourcing arrangements at client sites
  • Bioanalytical facility offers the capability to store up to 280,000 biological samples in dedicated -20 and -80°C freezers


With a breadth of experience working with both pharma and government organizations, Evotec is able to understand each client’s unique needs and help them meet their deadlines. Each client has a dedicated Project Manager who provides a single point of contact to ensure an open line of communication is always maintained. Working under a strict continuity plan, Evotec has maintained full operational capacity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Get in touch with an expert at [email protected] to learn how Evotec can support your team’s library.



About the Author and BIOCOM CRO Board Member