Neuroservices-Alliance biggest takeaways and lessons learned from projects and collaborations they’ve experienced throughout the year

By Diane Royer Neuroservices-Alliance

So far, 2019 has been the year of building strong relationships between our members and reinforcing our ability to be a one-stop-shop CNS CRO thanks to our complimentary CNS platforms and our strong ensemble of experts. We participated in many of the main Neuroscience events worldwide and still have more to come (BIO Japan, Neuroscience 2019, BioFit)!
Olivier Toury, Bruno Buisson and Bob Petroski also toured the San Diego and Boston areas to present our offer to big pharma companies. All these field operations have been complemented by our strong online marketing efforts to built our brand thanks to our new website ( and the ongoing online activity on our social networks.



About the Author and BIOCOM CRO Board Member

Diane Royer Marketing Manager | Neuroservices-Alliance