Neox is honored to be recognized in a recent publication by the Czech Society for Athersoclerosis in Athero Review

Neox is honored to be recognized in a recent publication by the Czech Society for Athersoclerosis in Athero Review. Please join us in congratulating all our colleagues who contributed, especially to Jana Maskova.

Nutraceuticals with hypolipidemic effect in clinical practice: a summary statement of the International expert panel of lipidologists prepared by the committee of the Czech society for atherosclerosis
Abstract: In recent years there has been an increasing interest in the use of nutraceuticals to improve the treatment of dyslipidemia. According to the results of relevant studies, nutraceuticals can contribute to achieving the target lipid levels and thereby to further reducing of cardiovascular risk. Some nutraceuticals have significant hypolipidemic effects confirmed in studies, some of which can also positively influence other cardiovascular risk factors such as endothelial function and vascular wall compliance. The clinical experience with nutraceuticals administered alone or in combination has been far from unequivocal, and our data for many nutraceuticals are very limited and questionable. The aim of this statement is to provide an overview of nutraceuticals with regard to influencing dyslipidemia in patients not yet taking statins, patients taking statins or combination therapy who have not reached the target lipid levels, and in those with statin intolerance. This statement is intended for doctors and other healthcare professionals involved in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with lipid metabolism disorders, especially in primary prevention. The text is based on the consensus of the International Lipid Expert Panel (ILEP), and was published in 2017 in the journal Nutritional Research [1]. We refer to this publication in the detail section and, for the sake of clarity, we retain selected references to the literature in the original numbering of the original article (citations are available in the electronic version of the journal at

Key words:
combination therapy- dyslipidemia – hypolipidemic drugs – nutraceuticals




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