Sherpa Clinical Packaging and De:terminence Announce Initiative to Help Rare Disease Patients Climb Mountains

Sherpa Clinical Packaging and De:terminence Announce Initiative to Help Rare Disease Patients Climb Mountains

Sherpa Clinical Packaging

Partnership will Raise Funds Dedicated to Purchasing Equipment and Training Programs for Rare Disease Patients


Sacramento and San Diego, CA, August 21, 2018 — Sherpa Clinical Packaging and De:terminence are pleased to announce a joint fundraiser to raise $50,000 to help rare disease patients conquer physically grueling challenges. All proceeds raised will be used to fund scholarships, adaptive equipment, and customized training to prepare rare disease patients to climb mountains, participate in triathlons and marathons across the US.


“Being told that you have a disease for which there is no cure is crushing,” says Sean Baumstark, founder of De:terminence and Friedreich’s Ataxia patient. “I founded De:terminence to remind other rare disease patients that life is still worth living right now, not only if a cure is found. De:terminence provides specialized practical and emotional support rare disease patients need to accomplish amazing physical feats.”


“The support that Sean is able to provide through De:terminence is a necessity to rare disease patients everywhere,” says Mark Paiz, President of Sherpa. “While scientists across the globe are working on developing the cures of tomorrow, De:terminence provides tangible hope for today. The purpose of this fundraiser is to fund the necessary equipment and expertise that Sean and his team will need to continue supporting rare disease patients.”


All those who would like to support the Sherpa and De:terminence fundraiser to cure hopelessness for rare disease patients can donate here, or at


About Sherpa Clinical Packaging

Sherpa Clinical Packaging provides clinical trial material management services for clinical studies phases I-IV, including packaging, labeling, distribution, storage and returns and destruction services. We manage trial materials for global studies using our cold-chain expertise and our global distribution network among our other offerings. Our agile managerial and operational systems are built to accommodate ever-changing clinical project requirements and fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality. Sherpa’s responsive team leverages its global expertise to identify and execute creative clinical supply solutions for all clients.

About De:terminence

In the face of a rare progressive disease that threatens mobility, de:terminence launched with the mission to help others live beyond their diagnosis or disease. Being told you can’t do something fuels us toward achievement. Our achievement may look different, but it always feels the same: empowering. Whether using a wheelchair, handcycle or the need of other adaptive tools, we seek to foster achievement through procuring necessary equipment, resources, teammates or just a loud fan club in order to help people complete a 5k, marathon, climb a mountain or cycle across country. To learn more about De:terminence, click here.



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