SAN DIEGO, AUGUST 13, 2018. Certis Oncology Solutions and Reveal Biosciences today announced a strategic partnership in which the two companies will collaborate to provide an innovative, next-generation suite of pre-clinical oncology services.


Under the agreement, Reveal will leverage its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based pathology tools to generate advanced analytics that quantify biomarkers in human tumor tissue grown in immunodeficient mice using Certis’ Orthotopic PDX (Patient-Derived Xenograft) technique. The combined services will also feature Tissue Micro Arrays (TMAs), which enable multiple Orthotopic PDX tumors to be analyzed at the same time. TMAs are a quick and reliable method for providing valuable data to companies developing new drugs.


“We have been working closely with Certis for some time and are delighted to formalize the relationship today,” said Claire Weston, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Reveal Biosciences. “With their ability to grow Orthotopic PDX tumors in mice at a high rate and replicate patient outcomes, Certis mouse models are more clinically relevant than standard PDXs. This provides a critical new class of data for cancer drug development.”


“Reveal’s quantitative histopathology services and AI-based pathology analysis provide an ideal foundation for researching the characteristics of Orthotopic PDX-based tumors,” agreed Peter Ellman, CEO of Certis Oncology. “Their AI-based tissue analysis utilizes trained pathology models to recognize disease patterns and quantify biomarkers in whole slide digital images to benefit translational oncology research.”


Combining the Latest Techniques


Reveal Biosciences is a San Diego-based company that’s leading the next generation of quantitative histopathology, combining the latest artificial intelligence (AI) techniques with high-quality histology, immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH) to generate enhanced data from tissue samples.  Reveal is also generating disease-specific AI-based models as pathology decision support diagnostics to benefit patients and accelerate clinical trials.


Certis is a new precision medicine company focused on individualized patient care. Certis’ services are based on a technique known as Orthotopic PDX (Patient-Derived Xenografts). In Greek, orthotopic means “the correct place.” The orthotopic technique takes a very small specimen of the human patient’s tumor and surgically implants it into the corresponding anatomic location (pancreas, liver, lung, etc.) in immunodeficient mice.  Concurrent testing of multiple drugs enabled by Orthotopic PDX models presents oncologists with more treatment options – while reducing the time required to select each patient’s optimal treatment.


About Certis Oncology Solutions

Certis Oncology Solutions was formed in 2016 with the mission to provide individualized precision patient care. Certis’ oncologist-directed therapy enables oncologists to tailor and optimize therapies for patients suffering from aggressive cancers. Certis also provides pre-clinical services for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. In more than 40 published peer-reviewed studies, we have demonstrated the ability of our Orthotopic PDX tumors to grow in immunodeficient mice at a high rate and replicate   patient outcomes. Certis is affiliated with leading cancer physicians from UCLA and Memorial Sloan Kettering. Follow Certis on Twitter @CertisOncology, LinkedIn and YouTube.


About Reveal Biosciences

Reveal Biosciences is a San Diego-based computational pathology company leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to enable pathologists to make diagnostic decisions faster, more accurately, and with reproducibility at scale. Reveal is developing a pipeline of AI-based pathology decision support diagnostics to benefit patients.  The company also supports drug development by combining traditional histopathology with AI to transform tissue biology into actionable data. Reveal’s portfolio includes in situ hybridization (ISH), immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunofluorescence (IF), histopathology, and whole slide imaging. Follow the company on Twitter @RevealBio, Instagram @RevealBio, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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