Utilizing BioBlocks’ CFL to Identify New IP

Utilizing BioBlocks’ CFL to Identify New IP

We’ve found that an enormous amount of new chemical matter is still available for drug discovery using fragment-based methods. BioBlocks has designed our Comprehensive Fragment Library (CFL) specifically to access an expanded medicinal chemistry space. Start screening BioBlocks’ CFL by partnering with us today.

Even when starting with a well-known commercially available fragment, our Leap-to-Lead process can identify novel 3D analogs from underutilized chemical space. In one collaborative project, we queried our proprietary virtual CFL database with a widely used kinase inhibitor scaffold and revealed analogs with novel IP. The CFL contains a multitude of uncommon scaffolds that are ideally positioned for lead discovery through Leap-to-Lead. Screen the CFL and let us turn both the common and rare hit scaffolds into new proprietary leads for your targets.




















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