How to forge a successful strategic partnership with a CRO company to reach your company’s goals.

  • How to forge a successful strategic partnership with a CRO company to reach your company’s goals.

As a fast-growing CRO company, we believe that deeper understanding of our clients’ needs and long-term strategy is necessary. We do not limit our attention to the specific projects only, instead, we devote much of our effort to learning more about our clients’ business, challenges, needs, and growth potentials etc. At the same time, we make ourselves as transparent as possible to our clients. We not only present and demonstrate our expertise and capability in the field, we also share our weakness and areas needing improvement with our clients. Thus, we strive to forge a true partnership based on mutual understanding and trust.

  • What will research look like in 2038? Predict the future of the life science industry, especially how it pertains to your company.

In the year 2038, the life science industry will be very different in many ways:

    • Protein sequencing technology will become very mature and powerful. Many protein-based clinical applications such as health screening, disease diagnosis, personalized medicine etc. will become widely adopted
    • Gene therapy will become another breakthrough technology in treating many hard-to-treat diseases
    • The cost of drug development will decrease significantly, so will the drug price
    • The regulatory agencies (worldwide) will be more transparent, productive, and less bureaucratic

Our company, Rapid Novor is a pioneer in antibody/protein sequencing technology. We are not only a service provider. At the same time, our research team is actively conducting scientific research in mass spectrometry, proteomics, and bioinformatics. Our research will enable us to develop new breakthrough clinical applications that will meet the needs and solve the problems in the year of 2038. We believe that with the evolution of modern science and engineering, mass spectrometry and proteomics will become the next big thing in life science after genetic science.

  • These are the 5 trends that will change our life science industry (or will change a certain stage in the drug development process). Share the trends that your company is keeping a close eye on in the next year.
  1. There will be increased effort and investment on disease prevention and early detection in contrast to late stage treatment
  2. There will be increased emphasis on improving lives as opposed to merely saving lives
  3. There will be increased interest in researching and studying proteins and their applications in life science
  4. The concept of personalized medicine and personalized care will be more widely accepted and promoted
  5. There will be increased attention and investment on rare diseases


Our company is developing a clinical application leveraging our protein sequencing technology to improve the care and treatment for multiple myeloma.



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