Local CRO Supports STEM Enrichment in San Diego Communities

Local CRO Supports STEM Enrichment in San Diego Communities

Every year, the San Diego section of the American Chemical Society (“ACS”) partners with San Diego Miramar College to celebrate National Chemistry Week by hosting the ChemExpo event. ChemExpo showcases the impact of chemists and chemistry in a fun and interactive setting, attracting many hundreds of middle and high school students. In addition to organized demonstrations and booths representing the San Diego ACS and Miramar College, ChemExpo is an opportunity for a variety of life sciences and materials companies and universities to meet and inspire the future workforce.

Tioga Research, a local CRO dedicated to the research and development of skin-applied products, has consistently one of these contributors. The theme of the 2016 ChemExpo event was ‘Chemistry in Forensics‘. The Tioga Research team, which included several current and past interns, attracted students with information boards on fingerprints, a questionnaire and hand-on activities.

Our middle, high school students and college-bound students also welcomed being able to quiz those manning the booth about their jobs, how they use chemistry, and how they view chemistry’s societal impact.

It is a fun time not only for the students. The Tioga Research volunteers found the event very rewarding, even if the preparation and setup required some creativity and ‘after hours’ work. As biotechnology and the life sciences are so prominent in San Diego many of the students have parents or relatives working in the field. For local companies, large or small, ChemExpo is a chance to showcase their capabilities and expertise, and a great way to give back to the community.

For companies interested in volunteering for future events, additional information is available on the October 2016 Chem Expo page: https://global.acs.org/2016/08/27/san-diego-section-29th-annual-chem-expo-national-chemistry-week/.

For other STEM community opportunities, please check the BIOCOM event page at www.biocom.org.Tioga Research tiogaaa tioga



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