San Diego Skin Interests Locus

By John M Newsam, PhD Tioga Research, Inc.

San Diego is developing as a major international center for skin-directed activities. The region has a concentration of leading groups across a broad spectrum of areas, including dermatology, clinical dermatology practice, esthetic dermatology, the skin microbiome, CROs and CMOs with topical & transdermal expertise, wearable devices, cosmetics, sun care, hair growth, skin imaging and diagnostics, tattoos, skin- and hair-related genomics, to name just a few.

Yet the impact of these various activities remains underappreciated, and not only locally.

Moves, though, are underway to improve this situation. Groups have met locally to discuss building a community around the San Diego Skin Interests Locus and momentum is expected to build over the coming months.

If you are interested to participate in or contribute to these activities and to the building of this community, you might wish to join the San Diego Skin Interests Locus LinkedIn group ( and provided your contact details to the moderator.

And keep an eye out for future announcements.



About the Author and BIOCOM CRO Board Member

John M Newsam, PhD CEO | Tioga Research, Inc.