Recro Gainesville, LLC


Recro is the solid oral dose expert specializing in controlled substance and extended release formulations to your exact standards. No matter the scope of your project, we deliver — streamlining product formulation and manufacturing from concept to clinic to commercial scale.

Extended Release Technology:  As pioneers in the development of extended release technology, Recro is one of the few CDMOs capable of taking delayed release, sustained release or combination release products from development to commercialization.

Reformulation Capabilities:  Recro empowers the innovation of products that benefit from extended patent protection to expand revenue opportunities.

DEA Controlled Substance Expertise:  We provide secure, dedicated vault space, experienced personnel and an extensive track record of regulatory compliance to meet the specialized requirements for controlled substance development and manufacture.



Lettie Kirk Sr Sales Manager, West Coast Phone: 770-531-8002
Heather Sugrue Sr. Sales Director, Business Development, North America Phone: 925-212-8388
1300 Gould Drive Gainesville, GA 30504