Nanosyn, a provider of Discovery and Development on Demand services, is serving Biotech and Pharma community since 1998.  Our team has a proven track record of advancing small molecules from initial hits to IND.


Nanosyn has invested in the cutting-edge technologies and operations and we offer:

  • Medicinal chemistry and custom synthesis services
  • Innovative microfluidics-based biology services (including high precision HTS/profiling)
  • Best focused libraries platform in support of hit expansion and lead optimization
  • cGMP APIs as well as analytical development, process identification and scale-up services


Nanosyn is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, California with discovery site in Santa Clara, California and cGMP kilo lab in Santa Rosa, California


Olga Issakova Executive Vice President Phone: 650-269-3528
Sales & Marketing Phone: 408-987-2004
3100 Central Expressway Santa Clara, CA 95051 USA