Centaur Clinical

Centaur Clinical is a CRO that specializes in Clinical Operation for Medical Devices, within Europe. We do also work on drugs studies. Via tight partnerships, we can cover most of western Europe, as well as some Eastern European Countries. We are ISO9001-2015, CFR21-part-II, GCP and ISO14155 compliant.

We provide support for young medical device companies, but also mature ones. The founder has extensive experience in Medical Devices in a variety of therapeutic areas and thanks to our extensive partnership with other CROs across the EU, we can provide Services to help a company test their device in the field, anywhere in Western Europe, but also in some Eastern EU countries, as well as Russia and USA.”


Dr Ouadah Hadjebi, PhD Clinical Director at Centaur Clinical/CEO Phone: +33 9 67 08 56 76
General Inquiries Director Assistant
29 avenue d’Aix 13120 Gardanne France