JRF Global

JRF Global is a multinational preclinical  CRO offering drug discovery, development and preclinical development services including IND enabling studies.  JRF has worked with global pharma companies in the area of chemistry, toxicology, pharmacology, efficacy and biology. JRF has been accredited by OECD GLP and the data from JRF has been submitted to all major regulated clients over more than a decade by various global companies in the area of small to large molecules, biologicals, and natural products. JRF also offers a novel collaborative investment business model to small and mid size biotech companies.



Samir Pandya Manager, Business Development Phone: 647-224-1401
Sridhar Iyer Director, Business Development Phone: +91 990 990 0910
2650 Eisenhower Suite C Audubon, PA 19403 USA